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Among the Mythos Series by Ruthanne Reid
Review by Yvette Arambula

The Among the Mythos series spans 15,000 years, to the end of Earth and beyond. There is an entire world existing in the same space of ours, but a few seconds apart, full of unfathomable magic where a whole slew of creatures from what we consider fantasy, mythology, science fiction, etc. are actually real and often walk amongst the Ever-Dying (that would be us mere mortals). There are seven Peoples of the Earth: The Kin, The Fey, The Darkness, The Guardians, The Sun, The Dream, and The Ever-Dying, but only six are magical. Science can grant magic to humans but at a steep price. There are also four hidden pocket dimensions created by four of the Peoples: Fey = Silver Dawning, Sun = Zenith, Dream = Dream (yes, really), and Darkness = Umbra. Kin, Ever-Dying and the few remaining Guardians share the original Earth. Travel is by way of magical transport which they call Confluxes. The main station isn’t any different than our own centers of mass transportation, complete with long lines and crabby employees.

All of these titles are fast reads and use mostly contemporary lingo written in first-person narrative. It is very easy for young adult readers to identify with the main characters (Millennials, I’m looking at you), but I wouldn’t recommend them for children due to adult situations and language. There are no overt f-bombs but they can be easily made out by word substitution.

Snippets of the physics of the Mythoverse are sprinkled throughout on a need to know basis. The series doesn’t bore with rambling exposition. The action starts right away with no dull moments. Plus, there are extra stories at the end of Books 1 and 2 with further revelations.

The Christmas Dragon – Among the Mythos Book 0.0

This is the first time we are introduced to endearingly snarky Katie Lin of the Kin. It all starts with a mysterious jumping box at Katie’s front door which turns out to be a baby dragon. Despite the nearly unbearable cuteness, there is no way she can keep it. Her only viable option is to take the valuable cargo to her Uncle Merlin; yes, THAT Merlin. She attempts to travel via Conflux but her plans are thwarted. Until she bumps into a Fey named Grey who has another magical method to travel, although more dangerous.

While she eventually does make it to her uncle’s place, nothing goes quite as planned. The Crow King complicates things, but it’s all part of the fabulous life of adventure that Katie hates. Dragons have their plans and there are prophecies to be fulfilled. Besides, who doesn’t love baby dragons that vomit liquid fire everywhere?

Strings – Among the Mythos Book 0.5

Strings is told from Grey’s perspective. He just happens to be the Prince of the Unseelie Fey who derives his power from music. That all comes into play when there is a sudden attack by what is theorized as being Shadow-Eaters but ends up being something nastier and more powerful. We are introduced to Notte, aka Nox Eterna, or the Blood King. He is of the Darkness and gives Grey the juice he needs to defeat the beasties. All is not as it seems, much to everyone’s chagrin. I’m sure all those powerful beings wouldn’t have it any other way.

Half-Shell Prophecies – Among the Mythos Book 1

Katie’s story continues as she is swept into more madness by the Crow King, whom we get to know better. The half-shell in this case is literally one half of a bivalve that spews prophecies to guide the way, albeit in a highly circuitous manner. Apparently the baby dragon is the key to fulfilling a prophecy that would hopefully unite the Red and Black dragon clans that have been constantly at war.

Katie is once again the reluctant heroine of a world she couldn’t wait to escape. But what was she supposed to do when her life was suddenly in grave danger and the fate of all the known worlds rests on her shoulders?

The Sundered – Among the Mythos Book 2

In an Earth where bodies of water have become deadly and has been invaded by creatures which humans call the Sundered Ones, Harry Iskinder leads a group of travelers around the world in search of the Hope which is believed to restore the planet to what it used to be 400 hundred years ago. Being only 19 years old, Harry’s authority is constantly questioned which causes the mission he was charged with by his ancestors to often be on the brink of endangerment.

Who can Harry trust when he is being pulled in all directions by the people/beings around him? Will he ever find the Hope, and if so, would it really change his world back to what it was before the Sundered appeared? Or will the ending of this novel be a totally mind-blowing “oh, shit!” moment? One way to find the answers to those queries is by reading the book. For those of you who don’t mind spoilers, there is also a Q&A section on the author’s website.

Tales of the Mythos
I haven’t gotten the chance to read these side tales yet, but they are definitely on my reading list. These titles are available on Amazon; there are also many more short stories in the series on her website found here.




Nero Is Mad, Of Course

The Big Palooka

Club Hedgie

For more information on all things Mythos, check out the Wiki page.

About the Author
Ruthanne Reid is a sci-fi/fantasy author who has also taught various classes and led a world-building panel at Geek-Girl Con. Sign up for the email newsletter for free books and advance unreleased content.



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