:2017 Year in Review: Vanessa Selik – Director of Photography


A Year in Review: 2017
By Vanessa Selik

It is a time honored tradition that we at COMA Music Magazine write our thoughts about the year we are about to leave behind us. Normally this is something that writers do, but it was asked that ALL of us contribute to change things up a bit, have more insight on all our thoughts as we turn to the new year.

As I am only a simple photographer, this brought me a new challenge. Instead of capturing my thoughts for all to see, I need to write it out. To be quite honest, 2017 was a very interesting year for me on a personal level, but very bleak as far as attending music events.

You see, I made the crazy decision to move to the state of Virginia. I say crazy because I am indeed a California girl. And in my home state, attending music events was never a difficult thing. There was always an event going on between San Diego and Los Angeles. The underground culture is STRONG in California, whereas Virginia, not so much.

This got me thinking while writing this article, where in the hell is the underground culture where I live?!

You will laugh outright at me when you read what I am about to put out into the universe. I was always into the goth culture, but for some reason, my children went emo. This is where the funny comes in, if not already: Hot Topic.

Hot Topic is the place to shop when one is emo. It is the place to shop for the goth starter kit of clothing. It is also the place of all things nerdy and geeky. I say this with great affection since I personally do buy merchandise there!

Upon one of my visits to the great Hot Topic, and the first time while in Virginia I might add, this cashier was decked out in all things gothic. I seriously wanted to beg and scream at her, “WHERE ARE THE UNDERGROUND PLACES TO GO TO?!” Sadly, I am too polite. However, seeing her, gave me hope.

Slowly but surely, I have seen others in my town who are like this cashier. This means that the underground culture does exist in this state, let alone in this town!

So, instead of a year in review, I give you my New Years Resolution for 2018. I will make every flipping effort to find the underground culture and dive in with the people! I want to hear their music and see how they express themselves. It is my goal and I will achieve it!



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