:Retrowerks: Kevorkian Death Cycle – God Am I


Kevorkian Death Cycle – God Am I
Release Date: September 17, 2013
Label: Negative Gain Productions
Website: FacebookBandcamp

Review by Stephen Beck Fey

Happy days are here again! Kevorkian Death Cycle are back!

It’s been over a decade since their last album, and with keyboardist Roger Jarvis tearing it up all over the place with HexRx, I honestly didn’t think this would ever happen, but we finally have a shiny new KDC record to sink our teeth into!

Now, there are some obvious questions that come to mind. Will they have the same energy they used to have? Will they be able to innovate and move forward while still capturing what made their old albums so great? Well, in a word, yes.

In several more words, God Am I is everything you could hope for from a Kevorkian Death Cycle reunion. The big crunchy guitars providing groove and texture while the electronics float, stutter, and pound around them; the classic sound is present without a doubt, but new sounds are also incorporated and the whole product sounds clearer and grander than ever before. Everything sounds amazingly fine-tuned, but paradoxically effortless. This is obviously the work of a band that has perfected its craft.

The aforementioned clarity and grandeur comes through in a few different respects. First is the production; where the classic albums often had a closed-in buzzing sound to them, we find here a more spacious hi-fi mix. It’s as though we’ve gone from listening to a great hulking machine from a safe distance, to sitting behind the controls and hearing it all around us. Secondly, the Neue Deutsche Härte and continental EBM influences on display here lend a lot to the underlying sense of groove and melody that makes the noise and distortion work. “Destroyer of Worlds” and the album intro “Star Chaser” are led by these huge keyboard melodies that sound like they should accompany the lift-off of a starship in a movie, while “Blood of Faust” wouldn’t sound too terribly out of place on an Eisbrecher album if you mixed the vocals up and translated the lyrics to German.

This album is certainly not wanting for variety when a slow-paced, hyper-melodic track like “Children of Chaos” can share space with a balls-to-the-wall rocker like “Shadow” (one of the most straightforwardly metallic tracks KDC has ever done), and a cover of the Pet Shop Boys’ classic, “It’s A Sin.” But where a lot of other bands might have trouble juggling all these different sounds and making them fit together, there’s a real sense of focus and unity keeping everything in line and making it seem like a natural extension of the core sound. Indeed, I almost feel like I’m making too much of the differences here, because for all the new sounds and influences, this is definitely the same band that released A+0(M) almost fifteen years ago.

God Am I is a new take on the old sound with just the perfect balance of retaining the classic feel and keeping things fresh. It’s an absolute godsend for Kevorkian Death Cycle fans and if you’re not yet a Kevorkian Death Cycle fan, you might well be after listening to this. It’s hands down the best industrial record I’ve heard all year and I highly recommend it.

Track Listing
01. Star Chaser
02. Mind Decay
03. Children of Chaos
04. It’s A Sin
05. Destroyer of Worlds
06. God Am I
07. Shadow
08. Blood of Faust
09. Tangled Souls
10. Light Fields



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