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Ludovico Technique – We Came To Wreck Everything
Label: Metropolis Records
Release Date: November 12, 2013
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Review by Yvette Arambula

Despite only being active for a short time, Ludovico Technique has already gained a large following. Named after the aversion therapy in the novel and film A Clockwork Orange, their harsh industrial sound, which draws from a wide range of musical influences, conveys the shadow side of a person’s psyche and life in general. Ludovico Technique’s latest release, We Came To Wreck Everything, is the remix album to accompany last year’s Some Things Are Beyond Therapy. A lot of people aren’t too crazy about remixes, let alone a full-length album consisting solely of them, but I believe they have a purpose that most listeners often overlook. Remixes aren’t just “reinventing the wheel;” they are an opportunity for other artists to offer their own perspective of a song, reconstructing the individual elements into their own unique configuration.

The first track, “Dead Inside (DYM Remix),” isn’t as dark and is a lot more danceable. Pulsating beats set the pace, with the synths being more in the background, other than the main melody that appears periodically and is somewhat softer than the original. This version doesn’t have any samples. Also, the disconnected feeling of falling apart isn’t as pronounced. “Then I Found You (Shiv-r Remix)” is less of a dark ballad with its harpsichord-like melody, but instead is perfect for a dance floor packed with bouncing bodies, losing themselves to the music. It does slow down for a bit, then bursts with kinetic energy once again. The vocals are still processed but cleaner, with less unpredictable glissandos.

Track three, “Wired For Destruction (Cryogen Second Remix),” is harsher, darker and has a different cadence to the vocals during the verses, becoming recognizable during the chorus. It also uses reverb in moderation which makes it flow smoother. Next is “Dead Inside (Aesthetic Perfection Remix)” which starts out with a lighter, more synthpop-like synth intro that you hear repeated throughout. It sounds almost like a completely different song. Daniel Graves sings most parts of it in his familiar style. This is another track that has a driving beat and is definitely great to dance and stomp along to. “Potential (Ludovico Technique Remix)” follows with a darker, more sinister yet equally lascivious feel to it.

Track six, “Memory (The Anger Machine Remix),” is driven by drums and almost ’80s sounding bass lines; another one for the dance floor. On the next incarnation of “Wired For Destruction (God Module Remix),” the vocals are almost screamed out during the verse parts of the song; sounding much harsher. It focuses on the drums rather than the synths which stand out more in the previous album’s version. The next track, “Heal My Scars (E-Craft Remix),” features robotic vocals and noisy digitized sounds. The bass lines remind me of late ’90s Depeche Mode at times but with more transitions to minor key notes.

“Wasting (Vein Collector Remix)” is the most guitar driven song on this album, even if they are mostly in the background. The music is almost reminiscent of early 2000s Nine Inch Nails, which I’m still fond of, but the vocals remain true to their own style. Yet another version of “Wired For Destruction (Rodney Anonymous Remix)” starts with beeping sounds and what sounds like an old-timey radio being tuned, dialing quickly through different frequencies, trying to find a signal that perhaps isn’t there at all anymore. It has a muffled sample in the beginning that is undecipherable. The vocals, however, are clearer, distortion free, and on the foreground of the song.

Is this album worth listening to? I say yes, definitely. Although it provides greater satisfaction to the desires of one’s body, it still manages to have that cerebral feeling of longing and loss, with a more defined direction rather than the chaotic, deconstructed aspects of the original interpretation of the songs. While these may be other artist’s renditions, they still fundamentally have the signature Ludovico Technique sound. It makes me want to hear more from them and I hope to soon have the opportunity to see them live.

Track Listing
01. Dead Inside (DYM Remix)
02. Then I Found You (Shiv-r Remix)
03. Wired For Destruction (Cryogen Second Remix)
04. Dead Inside (Aesthetic Perfection Remix)
05. Potential (Ludovico Technique Remix)
06. Memory (The Anger Machine Remix)
07. Wired For Destruction (God Module Remix)
08. Heal My Scars (E-Craft Remix)
09. Wasting (Vein Collector Remix)
10. Wired For Destruction (Rodney Anonymous Remix)



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