:Music Review: Mirland – Mechanic


Mirland – Mechanic
Release Date: March 6, 2017
Label: Raumklang
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Review by Jay Andrews Tracy

Mirland’s Mechanic is an album that I’ve been wanting to come out before it was even released. The sounds are ambient and sound like a space melodic orchestra when you listen to it in your car stereo, house surround sound, or in-ear buds. If you find a nice relaxing room to listen, I guarantee you will be pleased to hear this synthesized soundtrack.

Once you listen to the first song it sucks you into another reality. Listening to how it slowly builds to danceable music reminds me of when I used to go to clubs such as Soil (the best gothic club that used to be in San Diego). When you entered the venue at the beginning of the night, they used to play slow dancing, melodic, gothic music to get you in the mood to dance. Then they would bring it all out with industrial and different requests that patrons had. Mechanic would definitely be on that list.

With track vocals by Claus Larsen (of Leæther Strip and Klutæ), you will hear the familiar voice that we’ve known and loved over the years. You know that every album by John R. Mirland is determined to make you happy. This is the third release of a series of albums produced and created by Mirland. Mirland has also remixed A.O. for artists like N3v0a, Software, Vaylon, and 11 Grams.

Mechanic is very well produced; a lot of time and effort has been put into this album and every other one that he has ever released. I asked John what prompted him to release it and he said, “Well, this album is a follow up to Sleep Disorder. On Submerge, Sleep Disorder, and Mechanic I wanted to dive into a place of soundtrack meeting sound design meeting industrial techno. Mechanic is by far the most ‘pumped’ of the three albums.”

I also asked him how he liked working with Claus Larsen to which he responded, “Claus and I are soulmates—we’re like brothers separated at birth. We work very close together being partners in Am Tierpark, but we also constantly bounce ideas back and forth for our own projects. I listen and comment on all Claus is doing and he does the same with my stuff.”

The sci-fi sounds on this album are awesome. This is one of my favorite albums of his solo releases. You should purchase this album and support his music because it is phenomenal; you will surely be impressed.

Track Listing
01. Nebula
02. Blind
03. Dominance
04. Mechanic
05. God Object
06. Skullsplitter
07. Puppet
08. Elite
09. Red Giant
10. Mongrel



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