:Music Review: Leæther Strip – Spæctator


Leæther Strip – Spæctator
Release Date: November 18, 2016
Label: Rustblade Records
Websites: OfficialFacebookBandcamp

Review by Jay Andrews Tracy

Since I first heard Claus Larsen’s Leæther Strip’s first release, The Pleasure of Penetration, 27 years ago, I was in awe about how awesome the sound was and the sampling that he had used.

Claus explained how he started creating the sound that is Leæther Strip:

“Well I was in different bands during the ’80s, we even got signed by labels, but back then the labels had 100% power over how your image and sound would be, so as soon as the dotted line was signed, they felt they could do anything.

“I jumped ship on those bands because that wasn’t my idea of being an artist and a song writer. I knew exactly what I wanted, but had no one around me who had that same fire. So finally after so many bad experiences of trying to be something I wasn’t, I started on my own as Leæther Strip. Here I could do whatever I wanted without having to be in a certain box. First point in all my contracts was from that time 100% artistic freedom, and it’s still like that.”

Today, that same sound is in his new album Spæctator which is available on CD, red vinyl (for all the people who collect and DJ with vinyl still), and a deluxe limited boxed set that includes the CD and vinyl versions plus a bonus CD, as well as a patch, a pin, and a postcard.

Asking Claus what made him decide to write this album, his response was, “After my mother sadly died two years ago, a lot of suppressed pain of childhood events surfaced and most of the songs on this album are about these events and feelings of being a spectator to a family I never felt a part of.”

The album from beginning to end is an amazing piece of art work. The sampling is just out of this world. There is definitely a lot of emotion in this album and when you listen to it you can hear how powerful it is. I suggest that anyone who is a Leæther Strip fan purchases this album.

Track Listing:
01. Obligate
02. White As Chalk
03. Filling The Graves
04. Down
05. Spæctator
06. So Beautiful
07. Victorious
08. Same Old Shit
09. Pigz
10. Luc Van Acker
11. So Beautiful (Retrogramme Remix)
12. So Beautiful (Digital Anodyne remix)

Bonus CD:
01. White As Chalk (Maxi Mix)
02. Filling The Graves (Maxi Mix)
03. Filling The Graves (En Esch Remix)
04. B-Side
05. Can We All Forgive?
06. Don’t Listen To The Voices
07. I Know What A Man Contains
08. Moonman
09. Fragments (Feat. Mirland)
10. Bear Wrestler (Feat. [Android\Kölon:58])
11. The Art Of Murder (Feat. Caffetine)
12. Body Machine Body (Live in Kassel)



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