2016 was a year of amazing music, This is the hardest list I think I’ve ever had to narrow down so many great artists, albums and tracks I had to pass up or sit for days and just think about which one was better, but, ultimately, this is the finest of 2016 in Industrial and Metal. I hope you all enjoy listening to this episode of Immoral Devotion as all the artists deserve to be heard. Click the link right below to start listening to my choices of the finest of 2016 in dark/alternative music.
Best Industrial Metal Track \ Circle of Dust – Neophyte
Best Metal Track \ Serpentine Dominion – Sovereign Hate
Best Aggrotech Track \ Venal Flesh – Grotesque (Original Portrait)
Best Industrial Track \ Project Pitchfork – Furious Numbers
Best Goth Track \ The Crüxshadows – Helios
Best Track In A Video Game \ Invocation Array – Revalation (ArcheAge Orchidna NA Theme)
Best Industrial Remix \ Beborn Beton – She Cried (Zynic Remix)
Best Electronic Single \ I Will Never Be The Same – Forces
Best Industrial Single \ CygnosiC – The Key (Grey)
Best Alternative Vocal Collaboration \ Third Realm feat. Hana Piranha – Devotion
Best Industrial Instrumental \ Assemblage 23 – Endure
Best New Artist (Industrial) \ Parasite Of God – Through Sorrows
Best New Artist (Metal) \ An Abstract Illusion – Drop This Planet of Dust
Best International Artist (Industrial) \ Synapsyche – Venereal
Best International Artist (Metal) \ Witherscape – Marionette
Best Industrial Album \ Rotersand (Capitalism TM) – It’s About Us
Best Alternative Metal Album \ We Are The Catalyst (Elevation) – One More Day
Best Metal Album \ Caliban (Gravity) – Paralyzed
Best Industrial Metal Album \ Seraphim System (Luciferium) – Morningstar
Best Synthpop Album \ DE/VISION (13) – Synchronize



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