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Dark Delights with Ladyaslan Presents:
Sasha Klanott – Educator and Paranormal Investigator

**Photos by HL Arledge Photography: Born and raised in South Louisiana, photojournalist H. L. Arledge developed a strong fascination and admiration for documenting colorful characters very early in life. Moving to California in 2000, he enrolled at the prestigious Brooks Institute in Ventura and soon after was taking award-winning landscape photographs in Yosemite National Park.

In 2012, Arledge and his wife, Janna, a Los Angeles-trained makeup artist, returned home to their roots, shooting portraits of the fun-loving people of South Louisiana. Then, in 2016, as they put the finishing touches on a fine art series chronicling the comradery of the state’s blues musicians, tragedy struck. What the media called a 500-year flood devastated South Louisiana.

L. and Janna lost nearly everything they owned, but they still had cameras and some equipment. Almost immediately, they took to the streets documenting the devastation. Today, barely a month later, the couple lives in a rental house near Louisiana State University, where they’ve set up a makeshift portrait studio in a spare bedroom. They are again doing what they love, losing themselves in the beauty and the art—staying strong and resilient, as residents of the hurricane state have been bred to do.


Ladyaslan: Welcome, Sasha. Thanks for joining me here on Dark Delights. What should my readers, aka “Baby bats,” know about you?

Sasha Klanott: I am a paranormal investigator and researcher of 20 years specializing in extreme cases, commonly known as a demonologist or spiritual warrior. I am a clairvoyant and medium, author of Liability of a Paranormal Team which is part of the Paranormal Doors series. I am also the Louisiana State representative for the North American Dogman Project. I give lectures at conventions typically about keeping integrity of evidence and the liability teams hold, being a paranormal investigator with a mental illness and breaking the taboo that comes with it. I am the host of Paranormal Temptation, co-founder of Paranormal Role Models, and owner of Para Plushies. I am also told I do not fit your typical “Witch” profile or even investigator, and I’m proud of it. I give readings in my home, long distance, and in the quarter here in New Orleans.

I am the founder of Paranormal Community against Bullying and other efforts to stop bullying and drama so as a field we can focus on collaboration with other teams and step outside the field stigmas of what we should and should not do so advances can be made without being shunned. I am a huge advocate for giving back to the community and doing what I can to bridge the gap between paranormal stigmas that society has and fears, and allow people to feel comfortable. I am also a big advocate for raising standards and education in the field so serious researchers can make advances without stigma, or those who are doing more harm than good when investigating, and damage that can affect the client in multiple ways. I really push a combination of using science and abilities we cannot explain. I feel that there is logical reasoning behind everything and that we need science to explain those things, but use our spiritual world and gifts to help guide us or keep us open minded to new theories. I feel without both my gift and my love of science, I would be lost and I would not be the investigator I am today. These are topics I often speak about.

Ladyaslan: What inspired you to get into paranormal investigation?

Sasha Klanott: I was always able to see things before they happened and could tell when people were sad or lying when I was a child, not understanding. When I was 12, I started seeing human and non-human entities, so much so it was to the point I screamed once and didn’t sleep much regularly. My friend at age 13 said that I was psychic and see ghosts. This is the point where I started researching paranormal and occult topics. I always read every book I could get my hands on, and being a “why” person also tried to break everything down logically, even outside of what books might say, in hopes to come up with my own theories. For once, a lot of what I had experienced made sense. I was always able to tell friends what will happen before it does; with people, what kind of person they are. I was pushed into denial about it because it was not okay to believe in the occult or have gifts in a small town or in my family, as I was told it was nothing and I would cause the distant relatives to disown our family. It helped me a lot to do the research and I wanted to help others, but couldn’t until I was older.

When I was about 27, I decided I wanted to get answers and help others understand things, and support them like I was not, and started my team; it has been an amazing adventure since. I have grown and will always continue to grow and learn. I have been humbled for being up for awards in the field such as “Most Inspirational Female Investigator.” I have been honored to be someone many people go to and ask questions about how to protect their clients and team members via contract; also, a source for people to go to when cases may be too much. I have gained and lost friends, helped people in need, and felt if I, along with other amazing people, have made a small difference at least in standing up to the clichés and stigmas we see in the field. I was originally inspired out of my own fear and need for answers so I can help others that may feel lost, alone, and fearful in a place they are supposed to feel safest. It has transformed into an amazing journey, and I find more and more reasons to be inspired when I find new theories, meet new friends, and get to work with others on amazing projects and research.


Ladyaslan: Summarize your different “gifts” in one to three sentences, as if you were speaking to someone unfamiliar with your background in the paranormal and tarot readings?

Sasha Klanott: This is so hard a question, but a great one Ladyaslan, and I thank you for asking as people often forget in the field we have to deal with people that use terms they learned on tv or do not know at all. I bring in equipment and logic to help process what you have experienced, to see if there is a natural cause and show you evidence or data if we find any. My abilities allow me to read people’s past, present, and future, and speak to loved ones who have passed on. It typically presents itself as images and gut feelings.

Ladyaslan: Tell us about your workings with Paranormal Dolls; what is it and what can people expect?

Sasha Klanott: Paranormal Dolls is the name of the team that I started and renamed in 2011. The goals are ever-changing as I grow as a person and us as a team. Right now the goal of the team is to handle what most consider darker cases. We also focus on the education of other paranormal investigators and those wanting to learn, as well as getting information out there for the general public. We do this through constant research, networking and hopefully holding meet-and-greets, fundraisers for us and local groups, classes, and maybe someday more as we grow.

My team members are expected to train on handling darker cases and will not be able to attend those types of cases until ready, for their safety. I expect all my team members to be able to dedicate a decent amount of time so the clients are not waiting for long periods of time to get answers, and so we do not get backed up. There have been times before I moved to New Orleans where we had one to two investigations a week and had to have a fast, but thorough, turn around. This takes passion and dedication. I, as a leader, am amazed at what I see in my team members as we band together to help the clients or gather data. I am a huge, huge advocate of working with other teams that are willing to put in work; work as a team and in some cases, as needed, learn. I am a big advocate of what I call “Paranormal Collaboration.” We have huge plans that we cannot release just yet so please look us up on Facebook and our website Paranormal Dolls to keep up-to-date with us.


Ladyaslan: What is Paranormal Temptation and when can people hear the show?

Sasha Klanott: Paranormal Temptation is a show based on breaking the typical paranormal shows out there. I have a knack for playing devil’s advocate even on topics I like. I wanted to use this tool to talk about topics that were so taboo because they disrupted paranormal flow and asked questions you couldn’t ask on air. NOT to be disrespectful, but so we can have new and old investigators hear new logic and have real questions answered all in the name of what my co-host and I call “Paranormal Collaboration” and real education.

My co-host Bill Reap and I are big advocates for having the right people on to spread information out there that is non-biased, educated, and founded. We want to cover any and all topics, spiritual or scientific, from people who know what they are doing, whether they have a famous name or not. We want you to learn while having a blast. We like to joke, have fun with our guests, and even get crazy sometimes. There is no reason you can’t mix learning and fun all at once. We have had some crazy guests and not one of them I would change for the world. I am so appreciative of the support I have gotten and the response to it has been amazing.

We also have some big guests coming on and have some great stuff coming up so listen in. You can listen to Bill Reap and me online or call in to just listen. We encourage others to join in the chat room and call in to talk to our guests or ask questions we can’t wait to hear from you all.

Ladyaslan: What is the North American Dogman Project and what is your role in it?

Sasha Klanott: North American Dogman Project is a group founded by Joedy Cook to track, research, and investigate legitimate Dogman claims. People know Dogman under a more popular name, such as werewolves. The teams in each state take claims and stories, investigate where the claims were from, the area, listen to reports, evaluate validity, and look for evidence just to start. This is a truly amazing team I have been blessed to be a part of, and the many adventures Joedy has in store for the team and the NADP group. My role officially is Louisiana State Director to run the Louisiana team. I take the claims and go out into the wilderness to investigate with the team and collect data to help further any research and patterns that may help us get answers on the source of these claims. I also help the group with forms, contracts, and wherever else they may need me. It is an amazing group of people who have taken this topic seriously with a real hope of finding real answers no matter what direction it follows, real researchers at heart.


Ladyaslan:  Tell us about your Facebook page Sasha Klanott-Paranormal Siren.

Sasha Klanott: The name Paranormal Siren was given to me while I was assisting on another show before I started my own. The host was giving a few people compliments and he referred to me as the paranormal siren because of my looks and voice. The name stuck and I fell in love with it from the first moment and many people have said it fits perfectly. I have a soft spot for promoting sensuality and being proud of it, and I’m definitely a mermaid and unicorn freak so I could not have asked for a better name. The page itself is where I post a lot of my updates, specials or even free readings, and soon palm readings that I may have for my fans that may not want to add me on their personal page. It is a page were you can find most of my updates for ALL my projects and events. A place where I post my modeling photos as well. I guess you could say a condensed version of me instead of sifting through all my status messages over time and looking at the huge list of projects I have going on [laughs].

Ladyaslan: What are the three words that best describe you?

Sasha Klanott: Integrity, education, empathy…at least those are the three I hope to portray to others. These are all three things that mean the world to me and I try to put in all aspects of my life.

Ladyaslan: Are you a publicity-lover or publicity shy?

Sasha Klanott:  OOOH great questions [laughs]. I am a publicity-lover. I will not deny it and I embrace it. I never let it affect my integrity or my humble nature, but I love the spotlight. That being said, I am a shy person. Not sure how it works but taking new steps and meeting new people are so nerve-wracking for me because I fear rejection, I just push through it most of the time. Usually if I am in the spotlight it is because of a topic I care more deeply for than what I am feeling. That and who doesn’t like to know they are being the center of attention in a positive manner.

Ladyaslan: I love movies and I’m always interested in the genre tastes of my friends. Tell me what your five favorite movies are.

Sasha Klanott: I want to put in here a waiver that states books are usually better [laughs].  That being said, the Lord of the Rings movies, The Conjuring, Beauty and the Beast (yes, the cartoon animated one by Disney), Insidious, and Aladdin (yes, the animated one by Disney [laughs]).There are so many so don’t judge too harsh, but typically movies that are Disney, fantasy, paranormal, and action suspense. I am not into chick flicks or gore movies oddly enough.

Ladyaslan: Have you ever had any paranormal experiences? If so, what were they?

Sasha Klanott: There are too many to list them off. I have had a lot of personal experiences and many on investigations. As a child I woke to a man in my window and I screamed; my dad came to the “rescue.” The window was at least seven feet high and it was winter. My dad said there were no tracks to be found. I also woke to inhuman entities in my room. I went to an abandoned hospital at the request of a staff member and while we were in there we saw shadows walking back and forth in the hallways. I started to see entities behind the staff member’s partner and never said anything as it was just going to cause more harm. Later they called me over to help with a spiritual attack on the same person I saw with an entity reaching over him. I have had cases were I have seen one person’s bodily features change and another where wasting machines moved and investigators got bruised. When I cleansed a house one time I started to feel light-headed and my skeptic freaked out and said I was a few inches off the ground chanting the St. Michael prayer, after which we reviewed the audio and heard a growl on the recording. As a paranormal investigator that handles active cases such as I do, I have a lot more to see but have had a healthy variety of experiences myself.


Ladyaslan: What is the one issue you feel most passionately about?

Sasha Klanott: That is so hard to narrow down but I would have to say education. It is vital both in and out of the paranormal field. We rely on government-funded school and books to teach us things instead of self-research. I have learned more than I ever thought by wanting to find answers myself. Not being tied down to what a high school or college textbook says has really opened a new world to me. It has given me a drive to follow facts not found in public schools and not the social norm, that the facts are not always popular. It has helped me not conform to society and opened my perspective in many ways; it changed my reality for the better I think. Even on topics I hated to get answers to I didn’t like, I always found it more important to follow facts to the truth. I cannot stress education in life enough.

Ladyaslan:  If you were given the chance to go back in time and change one thing, what would it be?

Sasha Klanott: Nothing. Not because I like to see myself or others suffering, but because we need these lessons for a reason. I believe that without the hardships we experience we wouldn’t be the people we are now. I do not like the pain I have suffered but without it I would not be as caring, empathetic, and strong as I am and I feel all human history is the same. Even in the crisis we find the world in now.

Ladyaslan: Everyone’s running for President these days, so why not you?  Tell me your campaign slogan.

Sasha Klanott: Proud to be an American

Ladyaslan: Last but NOT least, where can my readers/Baby bats get more information on you?

My personal Facebook, Sasha Klanott, is the easiest, rather than my Sasha Klanott-Paranormal Siren fan page. I also have the following pages you can reach me at Paranormal Temptation, Para Plushies, and Paranormal Dolls. I do have the websites paranormalsiren.com and paranormaldolls.com, and Twitter (not that I use it often) [laughs].


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