:IMMORAL DEVOTION: Episode 10 – Obscure Sonance



It’s been a while since my last podcast simply because life happens, but I am back with a completely off-character podcast of my favorite and most beloved darkwave/shoegaze/synthwave and other oddities for your listening enjoyment.

The artist I want to pay the most attention to this podcast is Abbey Death, the brainchild of established alternative couple Abbey Nex and Valerie Gentile; they recently released their 4 song EP entitled Realignment on Bandcamp. They had success with that release and launched a Kickstarter this month to help fund their first full-length album Gravesend. It has about seven days left as this post goes up so help them knock the goal out and donate here! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/valeriegentile/bring-abbey-deaths-1st-album-to-the-masses

If you like the track I’ve included and want to hear more you can pick up the EP here: http://abbeydeath.bandcamp.com/

Mixcloud Image Copyrights
Model: Threnody In Velvet
Photo: Wright Aperture Images

Track Listing:
Shiny Darkness – Grant Me One More Day
Ultranoire – Perfect Time
Acid Casualty – Media Numb
Abbey Death – The Outside
Kite – True Colours
Purity Ring – Heartsigh
Chvrches – Clearest Blue
Remain In Silence – Wrapped in Ice
She Past Away – Ruh
Zeraphine – Be My Rain
Ash Code- Tide
The Frozen Autumn – Sidereal Solitude
Black Tape For A Blue Girl – The Lie Which Refuses to Die
Kirlian Camera – Black August
Geometric Vision – Hills

Mixcloud Link: https://www.mixcloud.com/ImmoralDevotion/immoral-devotion-10-obscure-sonance/



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