:Immoral Devotion: Episode 9 – “Femme Fatale: EBM Edition”



Another episode of Immoral Devotion is here! This time we have featured tracks that feature female vocalists, even amidst male vocals that make their contributions even more felt. The featured track here is Chamaeleon featuring Aftereffect; Chamaeleon are a two-piece aggrotech outfit based in the U.K. who bring a unique dual vocal style to a world populated with distorted vocals. You can check them out on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/chamaeleonproject

The track features Aftereffect which is another project of Alex from Chamaeleon and it features Aftereffect’s vocalist Maria Xoniki. You can check out this industrial metal madness at: https://www.facebook.com/aftereffectofficial

I really hope you enjoy this episode and check out, not only the featured artists in the description, but all of the artists on this and previous episodes.

Track Listing
Synapse – Storm and Shadow
Chamaeleon (featuring Aftereffect) – Forbidden
Surveillence (featuring Carolyn Powers) – I Was There
Camelot – Say I’m Sorry
Feathers – Wild Love
Ashbury Heights – Decent Cancer
Blutengel – All These Lies
Blue Birds Refuse To Fly – Oxygen
Eisblume – Ich Kann Dich Sehen
Mechanical Moth (featuring Der Kammersaenger) – Velvet Dancer
God Module – Still So Strange
Santa Hates You – Prepare To Be Boarded
Suicidal Romance – Build Me A Heart



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