:The Oontzcast: Episode 243


Gord and Shibi are back for the second to last episode of the Oontzcast before
the new hosts take over. We welcome James Chapple from Kiss is Kill and discuss lemony fresh nicknames and so much more. Remember we are also on iTunes for your listening pleasure as well as syndication on dasklub.com

01. Retrogramme – Saved (Bites Remix)
02. Citizen 16 – Fragile Man
03. Blutzukker – Moerderherz
04. VNV Nation – Cold (Rated R Mix by Mig-29)
05. Kiss is Kill – I’m Burning
06. Funker Vogt – Friendly Fire
07. The Firm Incorporated – Abgebrannt (Burn it Down)
08. Entrzelle – Fraud (Burn)
09. A.[D].N – Killer Beat Killer Bass
10. MyParasites – Disease On The Dancefloor (FlammPunkt’s “It Burns Down There!” Remix)



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