:The Oontzcast: Episode 241


Album of the Month: Retrogramme – Feed
Released: March 20, 2015
Label: Space Race Records
Also purchase through iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, and POPoNAUT.

Listen to Feed by Retrogramme on @AppleMusic.

Have you ever been fucked over? Broken up with? Had a bad boss? Cheated on? Lied to? Then this episode of the Oontzcast is for YOU. Gord and Shibi talk about all things gone awry in Episode 241. Be sure to share your stories on our Facebook page.

We also have a new album of the month—released in March but too good to NOT be an album of the month. Retrogramme is Oontzcast approved! Stay tuned this month as we will be interviewing Retrogramme and getting the nitty gritty on this and any upcoming projects.

  1. Retrogramme – Psychosis (featuring Woj Krol of Controlled Collapse)
  2. Consolidated – You Suck
  3. Gravity Kills – Falling
  4. Junksista – Trust No Bitch
  5. Imperative Reaction – Giving Up
  6. Alien Vampires – Fuck Off and Die
  7. Adam Kult – Fuck Them (Suicidal Romance Remix)
  8. The Anger Machine – Bytes of Hate On My DNA
  9. 16 Volt- Somebody To Hate [Hate Hegel Mix by Cyanotic feat. Jamie Duffy]
  10. The Deity – To Suffer
  11. Orange Sector – Burn in Hell (Fucking Lies Mix)
  12. Nuclear Sun – Kill em’ All (Glitch Mode Mix by Cyanotic)



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