:Immoral Devotion: Episode 6 “Gently Vicious”



Greetings COMA patients!

2016 begins and Immoral Devotion returns from a slight hiatus! It’s great to be back doing what I love most, infecting your ear canals with sonic goodies! In this episode we start off gentle and slow, then we go a little faster, slow it down again, and then sonically turn it up to 11 to make you climax! Just the way I think we all like these things. 😉

In this episode I have two featured tracks; the first is from a little band by the name of Invocation Array featuring Kaia Young from The Luna Sequence and Adrianne Grady. Their album A Color For Fiction was released last year and is available for purchase via their Bandcamp page http://invocationarray.bandcamp.com so please support fantastic underground music and pick it up.

Featured artist number two is a band that is signed to Xperiment XIII records by the name of Parasite of God. Their debut album can be pre-ordered off their Bandcamp page over at https://parasiteofgod.bandcamp.com so please go pre-order it if you enjoy their track, which I am sure you will.

Listen on Mixcloud: Immoral Devotion : 6 : Gently Vicious

:Immoral Devotion : 6 : Gently Vicious by -[Dj:Electrofrosty]- on Mixcloud



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