:The Oontzcast: Episode 237


Album of the Month: Aesthetische – Cold Is Clean EP
Release Date: December 14, 2015
Label: Alfa Matrix

Gn0m3 has duct taped Gord and Shibari in the Oontzcast dungeon and taken over this weeks episode. Not a lot of talk but all good music! We have a new album of the month to get your week started off just right.

Track List:
01. Aesthetische – Unity
02. The Gothsicles – One Second Ghost (DJ Psych0tron Remix)
03. Sinmasters – Submissive (Trümmerfrau Remix)
04. Dirk Van Dark – Exzess
05. Alien Vampires – Harsh Drugs and BDSM (Modulate Remix)
06. A.E.C. – Cliche
07. Your Bunny Rot – Sent to Hell (Whore vs. Diverje Remix)
08. Object – Existence On Trial (Nordschlacht Remix)



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