:Interview: Groovie Mann of My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult



Interview with Groovie Mann of My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult
Conducted in the Thrill Kill Kult tour van November 10, 2015

Questions and transcription by Sarah Martinez
Photo by Stephen Ganser

We’re asked if we could do our interview in Thrill Kill Kult’s tour van, and how could you pass up that opportunity if it’s given? We head across the street from the Oriental Theater to a small parking lot and crawl into the spacious van and begin our chat with Groovie Mann.

Groovie: Does Boyd Rice still live here?

Sarah: I don’t know; does he still live here? Boyd Rice was such a Denver thing for a while.

Groovie: I know, I know.

[Our cameraman, Stephen, attempts to adjust the video to include both Groovie and me in the shot.]

Sarah: I don’t have to be in there, just Groovie. We’ll keep it pretty.

Groovie: [Laughing] I’m wearing my sunglasses. It’s so sunny!

Sarah: [Laughing] Is it? [Pointing to the red Christmas lights hanging at the back of the van] I like the lights. Are the lights on when you drive?

Groovie: Yeah. I got those a while back; it was so dark back here.

Sarah: [Pointing to a painting behind Groovie] Is that some of your art?

Groovie: Oh, that’s one of my paintings. Do you want to see it?

Sarah: Yeah, I want to see it! [Groovie pulls out his painting.] Ohhhh! I read somewhere that you sold them all a long time ago.

Groovie: I pretty much just paint, and then sometimes I’ll put a folder up on Facebook or something. This one girl started buying all of them. So she bought like maybe 60 paintings.

Sarah: Holy crap!

Groovie: So she’d just buy 12 and 12…she’s like, “Well how much for all of them?”

Sarah: Do you do prints ever, or do you just do the paintings?

Groovie: No, I’ve never done prints. Everybody’s been telling me I should.

Sarah: You should.

Groovie: You know, I had a couple…I have a couple of opportunities to do shows but I mean, once I get busy with touring I’m not doing it, you know?

Sarah: Do you have any mini paintings lying around?

Groovie: No. At home I do.

Sarah: I guess we should officially start this.

Groovie: Okay, alright.

Sarah: I’m Sarah with COMA Music Magazine here with Groovie Mann of My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult prior to their show at the Oriental Theater on their Elektrik Messiah tour. I was going to ask, does anyone call you Franke anymore?

Groovie: My friends do.

Sarah: Does your mom call you Franke?

Groovie: Yeah, usually. I mean people call me Groovie, but they also call me Franke.

Sarah: Denver’s the 10th stop on this tour, how’s it going so far?

Groovie: Great. The shows have been exciting and fun. They’re long days but everything’s been together.

Sarah: Back in the ’90s people could write you guys and you would send back TKK Fun Fakts….

Groovie: [Smiling] I did those.

Sarah: Did you? I thought it was Tina!

Groovie: Well I did most of them [smiling], and Tina.

Sarah: So, in the Fun Fakts you said that one of your favorite cities to visit was Copenhagen. Does that still stand or have things changed with the touring in recent years?

Groovie: Yeah, I mean, I like a lot of places now. I like Malta now.

Sarah: Why Malta?

Groovie: Cuz it’s in the middle of nowhere. It’s a little island off the tip of Italy, near Sicily.

Sarah: So what do you do when you’re there?

Groovie: Nothing. It’s just like an old crumbling city with, like, icons and stuff painted all over. It’s just cool. I like Barcelona, too.

Sarah: So when you’re there do you tour or is it more of a vacation spot?

Groovie: Vacation. On tour I like Hamburg a lot. Germany.

Sarah: How do you spend your days when you’re not touring? On your Saturday morning when you have nothing to do?

Groovie: Painting. I paint, or um, collect stuff you know. I still like music and books. I’m out looking for substance.

Sarah: What are you reading or listening to now? What’s on your iPod?

Groovie: I have it all in my computer. I’m sort of like a lazy intellectual. My phone’s just to call with. I don’t have anything in it.

Sarah: We touched on some of your art a little bit. I know you make some of your clothing, some of your vests. Are you going to be rockin’ anything tonight that you made?

Groovie: I sort of just trimmed down to leather goods now. I still make stuff. I made a couple of vests for some of my girlfriends, but not much lately.

Sarah: This is the most asked question from anyone when I said I was going to sit down with you, any plans on continuing with Hammerhead Housewife and the Thrill Kill Kult, making the movie that started all of this?

Groovie: I hope to do some sort of abstract film projects on my own. I have a film guy that we’re starting to work with in the band, Toby our merch guy. He’s filmed the whole last tour so we’re probably going to work on some documentary with him eventually. I mean, he’s gathering footage this tour. The show’s together, I mean, every show it just gets hotter and hotter.

Sarah: What about side projects like Darling Kandie or Catastrophe Clown?

Groovie: I want to do another Darling Kandie project. I want to find a new producer to work with on that, somebody else to try different ideas with. Catastrophe Clown is Justin our drummer, me and him so…he’s back with Puppy. I saw him before we went on tour and mentioned that we should work on an album or something for Catastrophe Clown. Then there’s another project. I’ve been working with this other producer that’s a friend of mine that’s been bugging me for years to work with him. And I finally gave in to him and did four tracks but we haven’t named it yet because we had a disagreement in names, so we’re still tugging on that. It’ll be like an EP. That’s a completely different producer and me.

Sarah: Still dancey?

Groovie: Oh yeah, yeah. I’m pretty proud of it. It sounds good.

Sarah: What’s your drink of choice?

Groovie: Lately it’s just been beer, but I guess sake. I like sparkling sake a lot.

Sarah: I haven’t had sparkling sake.

Groovie: [Smiling] It’s good.

Sarah: Do you do plum wine with it, or not?

Groovie: Nah. I like sake. And then, like say with a sake beer chaser.

Sarah: Okay. That’s a good combo. I imagine challenging to find at venues.

Groovie: Oh puh. You won’t unless you go for sushi or something.

Sarah: I guess we’ll let you kick back and relax a little more. Thank you for spending time with us.

Groovie: I hope it hasn’t been too much of an inconvenience.

Sarah: Not at all. Thanks for letting us come to your van.

Groovie: I just…the clubs you know, the noise. It’s better to be mysterious and hide sometimes. Right?



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