:The Oontzcast: Episode 235


Album 0f The Month: Caustic – Industrial Music
Label: Negative Gain Productions
Website: https://causticngp.bandcamp.com/album/industrial-music
Released: November 10, 2015

Hello Oontzcasters! This week Gord and Shibs are back and not only is there another new track from Caustic, there are hi-jinks afoot and dirty talk about dirty music.
So get your hand sanitizer and hold on to your belt buckles.
It’s Oontzcast time!

01. Caustic – Bomb the Club
02. Defeat – Coffin (Ruinizer Remix)
03. Alkemic Generator – Mechanical Reflections
04. Synth-Etik – Fallout
05. Peaches -Rub
06. Deconbrio – The Noise
07. Manipulation – Under My Hands
08. NamNamBulu – Sorry (Rob Dust Remix)
09. Incubite – Toxicum
10. Binary Division – Riot Rebellion (Simon Carter’s Clubbed Up Mix)



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