:The Oontzcast: Episode 234


Album 0f The Month: Caustic – Industrial Music
Label: Negative Gain Productions
Website: https://causticngp.bandcamp.com/album/industrial-music
Released: November 10, 2015

Hello Oontzcasters—Shibari is alone in the Oontzcast dungeon. We are celebrating the start of the Holiday season with a BRAND NEW album of the month. She is also playing all the music you never hear on Oontzcast.

Gordie will be back next week with more Caustic and more of your favorite sounds.

Track Listing
01. Caustic – Attention Please
02. Presence│Of│Mind – Brittle Bones
03. Blipblop – Varje Steg På Trappan (Exclusive Mix)
04. N E U E L I E B E – Love Is A Painful Noise
05. Walk With Anything – Gothic Princess
06. Finkseye – Deadweight
07. Petition For Mercy – True Love
08. Moist feat.Smith & Thell – Me And You
09. Art Fact – Separated Bodies
10. The Pain Machinery – Hell (Remix)
11. Code 64 – Progenitor
12. Emmon – Secrets & Lies
13. Code : Red Core – Abutre (Obsidian FX Remix)
14. Optic – Follow You (Beat Mix)
15. Cryo – In Your Eyes (Club Version)


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