:Music Review: WLDV – Secondo Incantesimo


WLDV – Secondo Incantesimo
Release Date: June 22, 2015
Label: Giallo Disco Records
Official Website: giallodiscorecords.bandcamp.com/music

Review by John “DJ Engine” Courte

WLDV Secondo Incantesimo coverThis is a really, really good time to be a fan of electronic music. The breadth and depth of what’s on offer these days is unbelievable. Every niche, every kink, every obscure sub-sub-subgenre you can think of is out there and just a mouse click away. Case in point: WLDV’s Secondo Incantesimo EP on Giallo Disco Records.

WLDV stands for “We Love Dolce Vita,” consisting of members Nathan Church, (aka Gionata Ecclesia), and Giorgio Verona. They’re a DJ crew out of Bilbao, Spain who run the Vocoder Club, featuring Italo-disco, minimal EBM, retrowave, and of course, horror-disco. Their club sets are no joke, check this out: https://soundcloud.com/wldv/wldv-part1vocoder-club-bilbao-25-09-2015

Secondo Incantesimo shares more DNA with outrun than many of the Giallo Disco releases, but not so much that it sounds like a tribute to Mitch Murder or Kavinsky. You’d think a track named “Blue Thunder” would be the outrunniest one on the EP, but it’s not. That award goes to “Paura,” a fast-paced car chase that’ll hold its own with anything Perturbator or Lazerhawk has out. Later on, “Blue Thunder” gets reworked by Lazercat into a minimal electro-tech bouncer reminiscent of Drexciya (their words, not mine) or Model 500 (my words, not theirs), which puts a nice twist in the lineup.

The first two tracks get to the meat of what it’s like to be chased down a dead end hallway by undead killers, and without invoking the C-word (I feel like if I say “John Carpenter” three times, he shows up at my house and chain-smokes his way through Christmas), they’re very much at home in the space he occupied with his haunting, synthetic scores.

On the retrowave spectrum, horror-disco sits somewhere between synthgoth and outrun, which is why Secondo Incantesimo is good fit for Giallo Disco. The label specializes in what founders Antoni Maiovvi and Vercetti Technicolor call “horror-disco,” and while they haven’t cornered the market on it, their offerings are mostly along those lines: Cinematic, menacing electronic themes designed to instill tension and unease, along with a strong sense of motion. The tone and composition is meant to evoke the atmosphere of watching an Argento or Fulci movie on VHS tape, sitting on the floor in the dark with the babysitter passed out on the sofa behind you.

All told, Secondo Incantesimo is a great EP. It’s exactly what it needs to be, assuming it needs to be a prime example of retrowave, where the quality of the work speaks louder than the “retro.” The horror movie element is well represented, and fans of the ’80s sci-fi and horror sound will get plenty out of it, as will fans of ’80s Italo-disco like Cerrone’s “Supernature” or some tracks found on Razormaid remixes.

My only gripe with WLDV is that they’re so far away. But if they tour the USA, I’m there.

Track Listing
A1 – Cassiopeia
A2 – Phase 2
A3 – Blue Thunder
B1 – Paura
B2 – Blue Thunder (Lazercat Remix)



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