:Concert Review: Metanoia Tour 2015 – IAMX, Mr.Kitty – October 7, 2015 @ The Casbah, San Diego, CA


IAMX Mr KittyTour 2015

Metanoia Tour 2015
IAMX, Mr.Kitty
Date: October 7, 2015
Venue: The Casbah
Location: San Diego, CA

Review by Jaymie Burzette and Yvette Arambula

I’m always super stoked when artists come to San Diego, and Mr.Kitty and IAMX are certainly no exception. While we were still standing outside, before the line to get into the venue formed, we could hear IAMX going through some songs. We were informed by Mr.Kitty and Roger Jarvis (of Negative Gain Productions) that IAMX pretty much goes through their entire set when they sound check. How do they keep their energy up after going through all that before the show? It sounds exhausting, but I think it just demonstrates their dedication to giving the masses as flawless a show as they can.

Waiting in line at The Casbah, people watching the interesting denizens of the outskirts of downtown, between downtown proper and the neighborhood of Little Italy, we waited with gleeful anticipation to see the awesomeness that is Mr.Kitty. And of course, IAMX who we’ve never had the opportunity to see yet. It was interesting to see what Chris Corner, of Sneaker Pimps fame, was doing now, what direction he had taken with his music. Neither one of us is familiar with his music as IAMX so it was all new to us.

Filing into the venue, we saw people of all kinds, not just the local goths and rivetheads we’re used to seeing at San Diego shows, although some of them were there, too. It was a sold out show and the venue was quite full with a mass of people wanting to be entertained. In my opinion, no one should’ve been disappointed that night.

This was Mr.Kitty’s second show in San Diego, his first time being on tour with their NGP partners Alter Der Ruine. This was also Mr.Kitty’s first big tour with people really knowing who he is, and you could feel it in the air. At the ADR show, everyone wanted to know who this talented synthpop kid was, now people were looking forward to seeing him play. There was a restless energy in the crowd, followed by delighted squeals as he took the stage. He opened up with “Hell” off his latest album Fragments, and launched into his kitty dances and prances.

“Unstable” came next, followed by “XIII” and “Destroy Me.” It was when “Entwine” came on that the squeals around me really hit fever pitch (the ladies love the Kitty, more on that later…) and for a moment it felt like I was stuck in the crowd of a boy band show. The highly popular “Insects” came next, and he ended his set with “Haunts” off his album DEΔTH (which you all need to buy off his Bandcamp, btw. Oh look, a link…), jumping into the dancing crowd which then turned into a semi-mosh pit. We’ll call it a synthpop mosh pit, if there was such a thing.

The sound was absolutely fantastic; the bass was tight and thumping, the levels were just right and sharp as hell, and his voice wasn’t drowned out by the loudness of the music. He kept the crowd moving through his set, squeals and all. He even had me dancing, as much as I could anyway since I’ve been injured, which is saying a lot. I was so excited I didn’t even feel the pain, but I sure paid for it the next day.

After a brief interlude, it was time for IAMX. They started out the show with a lot of energy. They really had their shit together and demonstrated that they were indeed pro and have been doing this for a long time. Chris Corner sang into two microphones as videos played on the screens on either side of the back of the stage. He had a full band, with two keyboard players and a drummer. One of the keyboard players would occasionally bust out an electric guitar or bass. My favorite part was when Chris and the keyboard player mentioned above were both banging away at a large drum, all while the drummer on the full set was going at it, as well.

At first IAMX’s show alternated between energetic songs and slower, more somber ones. The air was thick and musty in the room with the stage, no doubt from the heat and sweat the crowd was generating while they danced away. I must admit, Jaymie and I both had to go outside for some fresh air. We could still clearly hear the music, though, from where we were finally able to sit down. It seemed like the rest of the set was a lot slower, less for dancing and more for chilling out at home and sinking into your couch, in deep thought.

After the concert finished, we went outside with Kittysan and Roger to conduct an interview. As we’re standing in the recesses of a car port to avoid noise from the venue and crowd, a girl began to approach the Kitty, someone I’d seen try to approach him inside before. She went to him like he was this beacon shining in the darkness, she saw none of us standing there, all she saw was the Kitty. Her eyes were that of a crazed fanatic full of alcohol and perhaps ecstasy, or some other mystery drug that made her psychotic. She began to grab at Mr.Kitty’s clothes, trying to pull off his vinyl hoodie and his MASSIVE Gay shorts in front of us. He was dodging her and pushing her hands away while still being amazingly polite as we stood around completely dumbfounded. Finally she went away, and we all exchanged “DAMN, that bitch was crazy!” looks at one another. Just another day on the job as a music journalist.

Don’t forget to check out our interviews with Mr.Kitty and Roger Jarvis which will be published separately!



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