:The Oontzcast: Episode 223


Album of the Month: Cocksure – Corporate Sting
Release Date: August 30, 2015
Label: Metropolis Records
Website: http://metropolisrecords.bandcamp.com/album/corporate-sting

Oontzcast 223 has Gord and Shibs talking about ’80s movies, and the surety of Cock. I mean Cocksure. This weeks music selections are from the newly dropped Tainted Candy II which premiered on September 6, 2015; debuting at #1 for Industrial EBM, Dark Electro, and Aggrotech on Bandcamp. So sit back relax and get ready to hear some of our favorite ’80s songs revamped as an excellent tribute to one of the greatest decades.

01. Cocksure – O.C.D. Got Game!
02. Adoration Destroyed – Voices Carry
03. Diverje – Leave In Silence
04. FlammPunkt – Temple of Love
05. nTTx – Should I Stay or Should I Go
06. Leæther Strip – Spellbound
07. EctoProxy – Down In It
08. Transdusk – Planet Earth
09. Blut Reaktor – Home Computer
10. Finite Automata – Obsession
11. Your Bunny Rot – Orange Crush
12. Society Burning plus UCNX – Mama
14. Machines On Blast- Send Me an Angel



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