:Music Review: Kevorkian Death Cycle – I Am God


Kevorkian Death Cycle – I Am God
Release Date: April 28, 2015
Label: Negative Gain Productions
Official Websites: BandcampFacebook

Review by Yvette Arambula

KDC – I Am GodKevorkian Death Cycle has done it again. After bringing us the awesomeness that is God Am I, they now slap us in the face with their newest sonic escapade; a completely mind blowing experience, I kid you not. I Am God is now one of my favorite albums this year. I can’t get enough of it. I love every single song on the album, which is rare. Every melody, every note is carefully composed, crawling into your ear holes at exactly the right time. KDC have truly demonstrated their musical mastery, basking us in multiple layers of complementary sounds.

The album opens with “Wind,” a great song that gives us a preview of what’s to come. It starts slow with soft synths then bares its teeth, with Greg Ripes’ chugging guitar riffs and Ryan Gribben’s processed voice saying, “Disconnected…cut off….” “Another Day” starts strong, an industrial rock anthem that speaks to a new generation of lost souls. “Prey To God” starts out very old-school industrial, not unlike their older material, then explodes into a powerful chorus. We have indeed become “prey to god” with the resurgence of religious wars that are being waged across the world.

Tempest II” starts out with flamenco-ish guitar, or is it a dulcimer? Either way, it appeals to both the Spanish and Middle Eastern dishes of my ethnic smorgasbord. With whispery vocals during the verses and lower pitched vocals during the chorus, it is quite haunting. “Distorted Religion” was the first single off this album; the single album is available on Bandcamp which includes a remix by Assemblage 23. I love the almost dubsteppy synth bassline during the verses. Another great, haunting chorus to make you really feel the music in your soul.

I Have No Time” is my favorite track on this album. Every single seemingly random noise fits in perfectly. The synth melody during the chorus really adds to the beauty of this song. Sometimes it’s the little things that transform a song into its ultimate form. This song moves me in an indescribable manner, starting with a fire inside my solar plexus that runs its course throughout my body like the purest drug. “I Am God” is a bit more darkwave, yet still danceable and quite enjoyable. “The Ravens Fly” is another great track, sweet yet dark, with its slightly robotic, processed vocals. Check out the music video that premiered on Bloody Disgusting back in April:

The Promise” was also featured on the Distorted Religion single album, with a remix by HexRx. It opens up with very deep, almost demonic vocals speaking in what I believe is Latin, before it goes into the meat of the music. Very industrial, with electronic machine sounds in the background and dark vocals. The chorus is beautiful, with warm synths wrapping themselves around Ryan’s vocals. The musical break near the middle before the second round of verses makes my body sway to and fro, like a ship lost at sea during inclement weather.

Deconstruction” features more heavily robotic vocals. It is more machine-like in execution, the way the music progresses, until it reaches the more organic chorus. I can’t wait to hear what those cymbal crashes during the chorus will sound like live. There’s more dulcimer action during the break between the chorus and the second round of verses. I usually don’t like spoken word instrumentals but “The Gathering” is an exception. The solemn music and that deep, soothing voice are transcendental. It’s perfect for lying on the floor and staring into the universe through your ceiling.

This is KDC’s best album by far. I can listen to it repeatedly without getting sick of it, which is saying a lot; I very much like variety. Music is my business, after all. This whole album resonates within me, stirring up primal sensations in my body, tickling my being with its subtleties, then shocking me back to life with its divinely puissant choruses. I highly recommend that you buy this album ASAP. Also, be sure to check out the re-releases of their first three albums, Collection for Injection, Dark Skies, and A+0(m). Not to mention the rest of the phenomenal artists on the Negative Gain Productions label. Disappointment will no longer exist in your musical vocabulary.

Track Listing

  1. Wind
  2. Another Day
  3. Prey To God
  4. Tempest II
  5. Distorted Religion
  6. I Have No Time
  7. I Am God
  8. The Ravens Fly
  9. The Promise
  10. Deconstruction
  11. The Gathering



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