:The Oontzcast: Episode 218


Shibi is a little under the weather so not much talk this week, BUT you are the winner with all the tasty good music you could hope for.

This month our album of the month is Kiss is Kill- Imposter Syndrome released December 5, 2014.

All tracks performed and produced by Kiss Is Kill.
While released in 2014 we are just finding it and bringing it to your ears.
Currently Unsigned.
Website: https://kissiskill.bandcamp.com/

Additional players:
Pete Crossman – synths and programming on “Believe”
Phil Barry – guitars on “Revelation”
Scott Michael Owens – guitars on “Taste of Home”
Dave Kelly – guitars and bass on “The Shift”
Michael Canter – hand claps on “Moving” and “I’m Burning”

All songs written by Kiss Is Kill except tracks 1, 3, 5, and 10.
Track 3 co-written/produced by Kiss Is Kill and Pete Crossman.
Track 5 co-written by Kiss Is Kill and Phil Barry.
Track 7 co-written by Kiss Is Kill and Scott Michael Owens.
Track 10 co-written by Kiss Is Kill and Dave Kelly.

Album mastered by: Phil Demetro @ Laquer Channel
Artwork and logo design by: Pete Crossman

Kiss Is Kill is: James Chapple.

Kiss is kill – Ready

Grendel – Contorted Angel
Ayria – Mercury (Mercury Rising Vo1d Remix)
The Presets – Kitty In the Middle
Electrovot – Turning Point

The Cruxshadows – Tears
Antilav – Despiration
Mental Discipline – Battlefield of Love (SNTK2 Version)
T.O.Y. – Loner (Remix)

God Module – A Night Like This
Assemblage 23 – House on Fire
Noorglo – Addict
Electric Breathing – Brain Reset

Weapon of Choice (nTTx Blacklight Remix)
Atomzero – ReMixDirection (nTTx)
Stars Crusaders – Supermarket Signs (nTTx Remix)



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