:Photo Gallery: KMFDM, CHANT, and Ravens Moreland – July 23, 2015 – Los Angeles, CA


The KMFDM Salvation Tour featuring CHANT is rolling across North America, and COMA Music Magazine is in the thick of it as usual, following the action. Here’s a gallery of photos from their packed show at The Regent in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles act Ravens Moreland was the evening’s opener…. An irreverent and sexy mix of dark and folksy industrial rock that combined electronics with live guitars and drums.

CHANT has added a third musician to the live lineup, boosting their already powerful sound. An eyewitness account states that the L.A. crowd stood mesmerized as CHANT’s impressive LED light show washed over them.

KMFDM is reported to be at the top of their game, mixing classic material with new tracks from 2014’s Our Time Will Come. The crowd appeared to be extremely excited, and chaos broke out on more than one occasion. Photographer Noel Holmes reported that the energy in the venue was extremely high, and that he even got a bloody nose when someone accidentally elbowed him in the face!

The tour is happening now! If you haven’t seen these legendary industrial juggernauts in a while, or even if you have, get ready to be blown away….

COMA Music Magazine will be covering the tour at five other stops across North America. Stay tuned!



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