:The Oontzcast: Episode 216


Album of month: Studio-X vs, Simon Carter – Dance With Me ‘Dance With the Devil’
Label: Alfa Matrix
Released: June 19, 2015
Website: https://alfamatrix.bandcamp.com/album/dance-with-me-dance-with-the-devil-ep

Feature Track – Studio-X vs. Simon Carter – White Knight
Kiss Is Kill – I’m Burning
IAMX – Nature Of Inviting
Decoded Feedback – A Kill To An End
The Invincible Sex – Red Glow Horizon
KMFDM – Go To Hell (Fearing & Burning Mix)
Dulce Liquido – Serial Killer
Phosgore – 20 Ways To Kill Someone
Modulate – Das Bunker
Fractured – Only Human Remains
T3RROR ERR0R- 3D (BH9 Remix)
Funker Vogt – International Killer (We Won The War mix)
Corroded Master – Bodycount (Count Gets Higher Mix by Tactical Module)
Suicide Commando – Cause Of Death: Suicide (club edit)
Agonised By Love – Close Behind You



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