:The Oontzcast: Episode 213


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The Oontzcast Episode 213 – Gn0m3 and Shibs are back and it is the birthday and politics edition of Oontz. Oontzcasters be sure to tell us what YOU want to hear in the future; we want to include you!

Album of the Month for July : Studio-X vs. Simon Carter –
Dance With Me ‘Dance With The Devil’ EP
Label : Alfa Matrix
Released : 19 June 2015
Website: https://alfamatrix.bandcamp.com/album/dance-with-me-dance-with-the-devil-ep

Studio-x vs. Simon Carter – Can You See

Kevorkian Death Cycle – Deconstruction
Implant – CCCPCCTV (XMH Remix)
Avoid Kharma – Love Circuit Switch
Terminal Choice – I Kissed Her

Goteki – Take Me To Your Lover (Code 64 Remix)
And One – Low
Mechanized Warfare vs. Elektro Ferret – A Living Atrocity
Funker Vogt – Fortunes of War (AF2 Version)

Covenant – 20 Hz
Psychicold – Burn in Hell
Imperative Reaction – Functional
Blaqk Audio – Mute



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