:News: Negative Gain Productions Announces New Lead Singer For HexRx


Written by Shibari Reiss

I always tease that my hair is big because it is full of secrets. I am horrible at keeping secrets. Well, not really…. I just hate having secrets that are incredibly exciting and not being able to share them with just…anyone. I have to confess that it is always the greatest relief when you are able to talk openly about what you have been keeping hidden.

A few months ago, I was having a conversation with Roger Jarvis from Negative Gain Productions. We were talking about music and different things that were piquing our interest when he mentioned that Squalor was exiting HexRx and that he was looking for a new lead singer. Roger told me that HexRx has a new lead singer with every project and that they were working on something new.

A few weeks ago I was privy to the information that HexRx had chosen a singer and they would be making an announcement sometime in the “near future.”

Last night, what was hidden was brought to light, and a teaser was released for HexRx’s new lead singer. Zach Wager from Dead Animal Assembly Plant will front the new album that is projected to release in early 2016.



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