:Interview: Crytek


:Interview: Crytek
Conducted via Email May 2015
Interview Questions by Daniel Sprinkle


Daniel: First a little background information for the readers that might have not heard of Crytek. What is Crytek and where does the band originate from?

Crytek: Crytek is a self-made band from France, offering a mix of industrial and synthpop, with some tribal/ethnic influences.

Daniel: Etheric Nation came out in 2014; is it your first studio album or have there been others before it?

Crytek: Yes, it’s the first true studio album. I did some research into making a debut demo, but I really hated all that was in it! Anyway, it helped a lot to find what direction I didn’t want for the real album, so I had to rewrite everything.

Daniel: How has the reception for Etheric Nation been? I personally love it; it’s one of my favorite albums of 2014.

Crytek: The album has found its little public; everyone loves the modern way to make this dusty, old school genre of music. It’s still really hard to be credible as far as my main vocals are really pop, but I think the darker instruments help to make people try my universe.

Daniel: On Etheric Nation there is a nice mix of clean vocals and distorted vocals; in some tracks, like “Nachtgeist,” it seems like two sides are going back and forth. Is that what you intended when you decided to have dual vocal styles?

Crytek: Ahah, I was afraid someone would ask that question one day! In fact, the mix of both these vocals was made to make the music sound more serious, because my clean vocals were too “gentle,” but making this, I realized I could use that to “be” two characters in my songs, and it became a running way of writing lyrics. But sometimes I just mix these vocals for musical direction, without any meaning

Daniel: Ghosts seem to be a central part of the album with tracks like “Ghosts of You,” “Army of Ghost,” and “Nachtgeist [Night Spirit].” Is that just a coincidence or is there a deeper meaning for you?

Crytek: I believe the infra-world exists, with its own rules and links with our reality. I think we’re close to proving the existence of afterlife and different forms of what we call “ghosts,” so I’m just trying to tell stories about what will be normal in ten or twenty years. I experienced some of the songs I wrote, so since I can’t really talk about that in my daily life (because people won’t understand), I use music to release all of this and start to light some conciousness all over the world if I can. Also, it’s a great topic to make that kind of music, ahah.

Daniel: From Crytek’s Bandcamp website, it seems like Crytek is an independent project. Has there been any label interest or do you just prefer the control of doing self/independent releases?

Crytek: Today it’s nearly impossible to reach the greatest companies. The industry has gone too far and there isn’t enough space for everyone, so I just make shit for myself, and then people who are interested.

Daniel: Are there future plans for Crytek to tour in the future, or is Crytek just a studio project?

Crytek: Once again, the industry doesn’t allow me to do what I want. Bands and labels never answer emails because they simply don’t read them. It’s a really selfish place, above all in this kind of music that represents a really small ecosystem, so I do what life allows me to do. I really would love to tour, but I think it will never happen.



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