:The Oontzcast: Episode 212



This week DJ Gn0m3​ and DJ Shibari​ welcome Ed and Nabil from Gentleman Junkie (LA)​ courtesy of Negative Gain Productions​. We discuss the new album that is getting ready to  descend upon your ears.
We are going to give you a sneak peak in this episode. Hold on to those knickers Oontzcasters…we got all the good stuff here.

Don’t forget to check out our Album of the Month: nTTx – Falls Beautiful

Gentleman Junkie  – Die In LA

Gentleman Junkie – Moonlit Night
[product] – To The Wind
Gusano – Sangre Eternal

Kevorkian Death Cycle – The Ravens Fly
Vain Machine – Broken
Electrovot ​- End Of The Line

HexRx​- Crawler (Roger Jarvis Remix)
A Brilliant Massacre​ – Science Fiction
LSD Project ​- Bad Girl

Cellhavoc ​- Boot Camp
[Synaptic:Reactor] ​- The Devil’s Work (Ruinizer Remix)
Tamtrum​ – Le Son De La Pluie (Fils De Pute Mix By Grendel)



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