:The Oontzcast: Episode 206 – Envy


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Gn0m3 decided to take some time off and Shibari invited Mandy, Gn0m3’s better half to sit in and co-host. Together they tackle jealousy—the deadly sin of envy. What makes you jealous, Oontzcasters?

Atomzero – Dissent

Lost Area – I Live Your Dream
System Syn – The Inconvenient
A.E.C. – Cliche

Mordacious – Cybergirl (IBx Remix)
Covenant – Stalker (Club Version)
Blackcentr – I Kill

Assemblage 23 – You Haven’t Earned It
More Machine Than Man – Deserve (Panic Lift Remix)
Pretty Addicted – Scapegoat

Diverje – All the Fakes
The Horrorist – Room Of Posers
Combichrist – Like to Thank My Buddies




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