:The Oontzcast: Episode 204





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Shibs was sick so Gn0m3 went solo this week bringing you Sloth and our Album of the month from Atomzero Symbiosis.

Atomzero – Ghost Inside

Atomzero – Symbiosis

Record label : Analogue Trash Records

Website : www.atomzero.com/

Mental Discipline – Forgotten Dreams (Synth Radio Version)
Suicidal Romance – Dreamers
Helalyn Flowers – Don’t Wake me Up
The Birthday Massacre – Goodnight
Switchblade Symphony – Sleep
Nine Inch Nails – Every Day Is Exactly the Same (Sam Fog vs. Carlos D Mix)
Sonik Foundry – The Wakening (Redemption Remix)
De:adcibel – Too Tired to Consume
Lost Area – Dream On
Pittersplatter – The Waking
Dreamside – Open Your Eyes(Blutengel Remix)
Ayria – Horrible Dream
Mind.In.A.Box – The Dream
Colony 5 – It Was Only A Dream
Neuroticfish – Wake me Up



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